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If a skin is missing or you are looking for other skins also feel free to DM me. Discord: Bjönk#1911. 😏 💅 girlboss time. xootynCursors Folder. This folder only has cursors that xooty likes to use, add them to whatever skins you'd like! 『BlooMoon Re;Done』 - ft. Xootynator Main Skin 『BlooMoon Re;Done』 - ft. Xootynator Long Purple Trail. Backlit Mechanical Keyboard ABS Keycap. KeySwitch. (1,914) $5.10. FTmini_RGB ver1. keyboard keypad 3key for osu! RGB (eco) You will change the switches without soldering, on the principle of plug and play. FalbaTech. $42.73 FREE shipping. We make your personal keyboard, Any layouts, knobs, display. xootynator achieved rank #107 on Nekrogoblikon - Dressed as Goblins [Extreme] (osu!) xootynator achieved rank #169 on siromaru + cranky - conflict [Intersection] (osu!) xootynator achieved rank #1 on Kitsune^2 - Rainbow Tylenol [Hell] (osu!) xootynator achieved rank #115 on Shpongle - Dr. Vinklestein Says [Entheogen] (osu!).
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